Lead Generation

Does your Lead Generation suck?

Lead GenerationIf it does, you’re not alone.  For years, Spokane area businesses have been desperately seeking the legendary internet marketing pot-of-gold.  Many of these businesses spent thousands and even 10’s of thousands of dollars with one internet marketing guru after another.  And what was often the result?  Hell, they couldn’t flush money down a toilet any faster.

The good news is that the internet marketing pot-of-gold is in fact a reality.  Oh, it’s there all right, you just have to know where to look.  Those of us that have created our own internet marketing machines, a.k.a. “pot-of-gold”, wake up every morning to a plethora of qualified leads, people who desperately want to buy exactly what we have to sell.

The 4 Secrets to playing poker with Google and winning

Rule #1:   If you don’t have a steady stream of new customers, you’re business is toast! The sole purpose of your internet marketing machine is to provide to you “daily” qualified leads. Everything that doesn’t lead to that one goal is superfluous.

Rule #2:  Who says, “You can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear?” Ugly websites rock!  Well, more specifically, simple, laser focused, websites, May not get any awards for beauty, but they can produce a ton of qualified leads with paid traffic.

Rule #3:  Don’t compete… Dominate!  All your competitors are competing for the most popular searched keywords. Great! Let them fight over the choice morsels. Instead, we’re going to dominate the search keywords that are unpopular but are also the profitable.

Rule #4:  Google ain’t the only game in town.  In fact, more often than not, there are better and more profitable games to play.

Rule #5:   Don’t confuse apples with oranges.  Every company should be doing SEO for natural organic searches. It’s a great way to get cheap, but quality leads.  Just know that SEO takes time. If you need good quality leads now, there’s no better way to do that than paid traffic.

Lead Generation

Once you have your internet marketing machine, life is sweet!  Every morning is like Christmas.  The feeling you get is amazing, knowing that qualified customers are waiting for you.

 How can you get your own internet marketing machine?  Call ProLead Media and ask to talk to Russell.