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How to Grow Your Business with Leads that Turn Into Customers

Discover how to simplify your online marketing so you don't waste time & money. These 5 important opportunities could be critical to your success!

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If you want to grow your business...

If you’re looking for more leads and better quality leads - the kind that turn into your best customers - then you’re in the right place.

If you’re frustrated at how hard it is to make money from your website - to generate leads that actually turn into customers, you’re not alone.

There are myths about online marketing that result in the biggest frustration I hear from business owners: your website and online marketing simply isn’t working. It’s not generating leads that convert and it’s not making you money.

Myth #1: Build It And They Will Come

This is the belief that all you need to do is spend money on a good looking website with slick design and lots of content and somehow the fees will follow.

It’s a nice idea - but it just doesn’t work.

The truth is the design of your website accounts for less than 20% of the success of your site - actually probably less than 10% these days. The real profits lie in the other 80 or 90%.

And the key to unlocking all those profits… is simplicity.

I see too many business websites that are stuffed with an overwhelming amount of information that your prospective customer just doesn’t care about.

Let me share with you what you need to do instead.

Myth #2: Free Website Traffic

The 'free traffic' myth says if you spend time and money on search engine optimisation or SEO you can get to the top of Google and get a constant stream of qualified leads.

The truth is there are much more effective ways, much more profitable and reliable ways to get leads and customers - ways that aren’t going to leave your business at risk because you’re relying on a source of leads that could disappear overnight.

Believe me, I’ve seen it happen. Don’t let that be you.

Myth #3: The Social Media 'Goldrush'

According to some, the social media 'goldrush' means everything on the internet has changed and generating leads for your business is now all about building your profile on social media, sharing lots of content and getting everyone to ‘Like’ you.

I promise you - that’s not how it works.

People talk about content marketing and social media marketing and that online marketing is all about community and sharing.

Some of that might work - but in truth, for most businesses, it’s not used in the right way and it doesn’t generate qualified leads.

Instead, your own website could still be of the most profitable lead-generation tools you have.

There are now massive opportunities with your website and online marketing that most businesses will never be aware of, never mind actually use.

I’d like to share with you, for free, what those opportunities are: the 5 essential elements of a simplified and profitable online marketing strategy for your business.

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About ProLeadMedia

ProLeadMedia was founded by Phil Slorick, the UK's leading marketing strategist for small businesses.

Phil is author of the book Marketing That Makes Money and creator of The MAGNET Formula™, a unique model for reliable, predictable and repeatable business growth.

As a consultant, speaker, coach and mentor to business owners around the world, Phil is known for his clear, straight-talking and down-to-earth approach.

For more than 25 years he’s helped businesses get clarity on how to attract the customers they want and grow their profits with less stress, fewer headaches and more fun.

He is also an experienced business owner who bears the scars of launching and growing multiple businesses of his own.

Phil has been trained and mentored by some of the world's leading marketing experts. He is a Certified Specialist in getting customers who has created marketing programmes to launch and grow multiple £million+ businesses.

With ProLeadMedia, Phil has put together an expert team dedicated to providing a first-class done-for-you digital marketing service - backed by outstanding customer service and a guarantee of quality for our clients.

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